Rotary District 7810 - 2018 Conference

  Beautiful Bathurst, N.B. Canada. - October 19-21    

Due to insufficient interest, this event has been cancelled.

Mother Earth's Journey -  An Authentic Mi'kmaq Cultural Experience - $30

This Authentic Mi’kmaq Cultural experience will take you on a journey perfect for you.

Saturday, 20 October. Meet at 12:30 p.m., Best Western Plus, 150 Main St., Bathurst, N.B. The Program is approximately two hours in duration.

Held outdoors, Marie Kryszko, will share with you a bit of her knowledge on Mi’kmaq culture.  Participants will learn about the four (4) sacred medicines; receive your own medicine pouches; participate in a smudging ceremony and enjoy a taste of her losgnign(Indian Bread) and tea.

This Authentic Mi’kmaq Cultural Experience will take about 2 hours of fun filled energy and great way to enjoy time together in a positive environment.


Mother Earth’s Journey Authentic Experience 

1. Circle of Introductions using Mi’kmaq words; hostess will share;

2. Journey Begins with an Earth Walk and releasing ceremony;

3. Your Mi’kmaq hostess will lead you along the River thru a wooded trail; after about 10 minutes of walking you will arrive at the sacred space; 


4. Walking trail important FYI:  You find yourself taking extra care, as the path is uneven and steep – not easy for those who may be challenged by rough terrain;


5. At the sacred space your hostess greets Mother Earth using Mi’kmaq drumming, signing, and ceremony; meanwhile explaining what she is doing and why?


6. At the sacred space your hostess gracefully invites participants to take part in a ‘smudging’ ceremony; at this time, your hostess presents and describes the significance of the four sacred medicine plants; 


7. Participants create your own medicine pouch to keep;


8. Participants then learn Mi’kmaq dance; Dance has been in our culture for many moons, this is a way of celebrating;


9. Your hostess then shares a Mi’kmaq song that all participants get the chance to take part in playing the rattle, to sign, to dance, and enjoy the moment;


10. Before we walk back from the Site we will enjoy and share lusgnign – ‘Indian bread’ – and tea. Meanwhile, Marie will share with you more aboriginal culture; and try to answer any questions; making you feel embraced by Mother Earth.

To find out more information please contactMarie Kryszko at 506-544-0103 (call or text) or email her at:

$20 cash only

Location: 20 Patles Street, Pabineau First Nation, NB 

Phone:   (506) 544-0103 (call or text) 506-546-6406 home 

Facebook: Group:  Mother Earth’s Journey—Pabineau First Nation, NB